Strategic branding process and brand identity for a young and passionate football technology startup

Already adopted by top football academies, PlayerMaker is a next-generation coach enhancement and player development solution with an innovative footwear sensor that uniquely provides technical, tactical and physical performance insights.

PlayerMaker approached Stratigo to help them build their new and exciting brand. Our challenge was to take a young, dynamic and passionate startup with an amazing technology to its next level. Building the brand around PlayerMaker involved strategic thinking design that focused the team around one idea: a B2B solution for football academies and coaches. The strategy process included brand positioning, naming, messaging and content development and of course visual identity.

As much as we love football, we learned so much during the process. We realize that data is driving the sport world, that technology is everywhere and that everyone from single customer at the age of 9 to Elite clubs coaches are looking for a technology to rely on.

The process was excited and inspiring – looking at customers’ needs, behaviors concerns, while focusing on developing the right message, with the right tools and the right look!




Strategy, Corporate Identity, UX / UI, e-Branding, Interactive Design, Web Development


Open-Source, Wordpress, HTML 5

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