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A Flashy new e-identity created for this leading company

Alexander Schneider specializes in providing quality off-the-shelf products and developing Build-to-Spec integrated solutions for Data Center and OEM applications.
On March 2017, Alexander Schneider unveiled its new look – which included a new corporate identity, a polished textual message, redesigned logo  and a brand new bi-lingual website.
Alexander Schneider selected Stratigo Brandmakers to specify, design and develop this new corporate website.

At the beginning of the project the AS team told us they felt their current site was cluttered and didn’t provide the right message to the target audiences. Their digital presence didn’t do the job it was meant to do – instead of a powerful and well-established company, it delivered multiple, confusing messages, no clear brand identity, very unclear navigation flow and an excess of information.

Already in our very preliminary discussions with  the AS team committee; it was important for us to explain to the team that a new brand today, needs to look  at its Digital Branding as one of its most important assets. Online considerations are essential to being able to present and then fulfill the brand promise. 
It is not enough to make sure that the logo looks great, or the color pallet fits. Much more is required; the brand must become a digital experience!

A UX / UI process was conducted with the AS team to ensure that the  user will reach it’s desired destination in the site as quickly as possible.
It took our team almost two months just to redefine the digital strategy. We investigated the customer pain points, interviewed people inside the organization, and we thoroughly learned about the market category and the competition.

The website was designed to reflect the strength of the brand and as such, highlight the exclusive character of each solution and each individual industry.
The site is based on an open-source platform while unique technical requirements were developed for the project.

See the redesigned website here, and read a related article in Stratigo’s blog, by Eduardo Mitelman  - ”Branding in the Digital World”.




UX / UI, e-Branding, Web Design, Web Development


Open-Source, HTML 5

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