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Manna Irrigation Selects Stratigo to Develop its Brand Identity and Digital Strategy

Manna Irrigation is a young, exciting and inspiring startup in the agro-tech field.

This group of professional agronomists and technological experts have developed a sensor-free, cloud-based software that provides growers with invaluable irrigation recommendations, crop monitoring maps and irrigation planning tools.

Manna selected Stratigo to help them develop their brand identity from the ground up.
Together we built a brand…
Starting with brainstorming and moderated workshops, we defined goals, expectations and a workable process outline. First, we developed the brand’s foundation – the company’s ‘value proposition’. After in-depth industry research and competitor analysis, grower and industry expert interviews, we began to develop the content and brand attributes.  Throughout the development we had one goal:

Be simple. Be  clear. Just like Manna’s solution.

With this in mind, we started the visual identity phase and developed the ‘look and feel’ strategy, highlighting the relation between Mother Nature, growers, technology and Manna’s solution.  

The implementation phase included the development of the company’s website and application GUI.

The result was a natural success. See the complete project. Visit the Manna Irrigation website.