Make every cow count

At Stratigo we don’t just make pretty pictures and websites; We create stories for and around your company and brand. Every detail from the color of a banner to the phrasing and design of a sentence in your site or application impacts the overall story your brand is telling. This is exactly what we created for SCR Dairy in order to emphasize their online presence.

In this project we have worked on UX / UI, as well as the design and programming of a responsive website. We have also designed the interface of SCR's main product - the HC24 system.

Our design decisions went beyond aesthetic preferences thinking first on the user and SCR's business objectives. The result: A cohesive, engaging face wherever SCR customers are interfacing with the brand as well as the education and documentation SCR teams needed to carry on and evolve the vision long after the engagement was through.


Agri Technology


e-Branding, UX and UI, Graphic Design, Web Development, CMS


Joomla, HTML5, JQuery

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